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Sing Up The River End! first appeared on the internet in January 2010.

Since then it has re-invented itself a number of times but has, hopefully, retained its original concept - to be a source of information for Norwich City Football Club fans.

We make no attempt to discuss or dissect at length current issues or events. Our intention is to produce, record and preserve Canary content, jogging a few memories as we go. 

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Ways To Use Sing Up The River End!

For a long time items were added daily to the site, but lifestyle changes (and others still to come) mean that there are now gaps of days, weeks or even months between posts.

As we do not actively seek publicity, when new items go on, they are often unnoticed. To view these posts in order, click on OLDER POSTS at the bottom of this main page and they will appear four at a time until you reach the place of your last visit.

All items are labelled by content, so alternatively you can browse the INDEX in the side column. Most sections are self explanatory and allow readers to go to areas they find most interesting.

If there is a specific piece of information you are looking for, there are two SEARCH facilities in the sidebar, which will hopefully take you where you need to be.

Alternatively, if you have time on your hands, just trawl our 2000 or more pages at leisure whenever you feel like a bit of yellow and green !

All items are dated - please bear in mind that accuracy sometimes change with time. Every attempt is made to keep the site up to date within the hours available.

Many of the older sections of Sing Up The River End! are currently being revamped to make them more manageable.

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Site Information

In recording factual information, it is impossible not to go where others have already been. However, the articles on Sing Up The River End! are all original - the narrative is all my own work and I put my own slant and interpretation to all postings. I have placed a general thanks in the sources section for publications and websites I use regularly for reference. Ownership of photographs/images will be acknowledged where known. Should any owner not want their item to be used, please contact the site via the comments facility, and the offending photograph will be removed without hesitation.

Sing Up The River End! is produced as a hobby for the enjoyment of football fans and particularly those of a yellow and green persuasion. It is a tribute site not a supporters forum. No money is made from it. It does not carry the endorsement of Norwich City Football Club and is therefore not an official site.

All information posted on the site is believed to be true at the time of posting and some facts will be overtaken by time. The author will accept no liability arising from the re-use of information found on SUTRE! by third parties.

If nostalgia has at any stage replaced reality, please tell me.

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The players in the blog title picture are (l to r) : Sam Graham, Freddy Wilkinson, Duncan Ronaldson, David Ross, and Horace Brindley. They all represented Norwich City during the 1905-1906 season, our first year as a professional club, in the Southern League.